About Us

We pledge part of our concierge revenue to go towards supporting the cause of the AAPI community. 

AyiConnect's mission is to make finding care or job easy, affordable and safe, by reducing language and technology barriers. With free and low cost memberhips, we aim to be everyone's primary trusted source for multilingual care.

Finding a great helper to care for your loved ones in the language you need, just got easier.

At AyiConnect, we get it. Our one-stop platform connects you with skilled helpers to address your family needs authentically in your preferred language. It’s our ambition at AyiConnect to revolutionize at-home care; so you can live a productive and organized life without missing out on what’s important. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to educate your children in a second language, care for your elderly non-English speaking relatives, or simply to help around the house with those who share your heritage or similar cultural values, we’re able to support you. 

It goes without saying; we are proud to be culturally innovating the industry while helping out customers obtain affordable, quality care with ease!

It’s just the beginning. 

We built AyiConnect from the ground up; we understand first-hand just how frustrating it can become searching for an individual who not only offers excellent care but can communicate effectively in your family home. As with many families, we experienced this ourselves and decided to start a new, innovative platform to bridge the gap of care and language barriers.

Although young in years, we’ve welcomed tens of thousands of families and helpers to the AyiConnect family - connecting and building lasting relationships across major US cities (and growing). 

Our pledge of care. 

We care about you; building trusting relationships is a crucial part of what we do at AyiConnect. We stick to our core values to commit to satisfying customers with the utmost care and safety benefits. As we continue to grow, our care network continues to grow, all while our commitment to strengthening our safety and safeguarding values never wavers. 

For the best user experience, please download our app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play marketplace. If you have any questions, concerns, or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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