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Angel P

This is Chinese Painting for yah!

Here you will enjoy how the Basic Art of Chinese Painting works!

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I learned the Basic Art of Chinese Painting in National Cheng Kung University, College of Liberal Arts, Chinese Language Center, Tainan City, Taiwan. From the teaching of my great master 张志强老师 (Teacher Zhang Zhiqiang). If you don't know how art works, that is fine. This is for you to have some time to relax and just enjoy the rhythm of doing the Basic Art Chinese Painting. Go! Book me and let's have fun!

Provider Refund and Cancellation Policy

There will not be a refund given once we are booked. 我不提供退款但是我们可以改时间。No refunds once you book me. If you have a conflict, let me know and we can reschedule.

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