Activity Profile

  • $500
  • Age limit: 0-8
月嫂Huiwen X

Hire me as your maternity nanny! Service retainer (月嫂保证金)

I am able to provide maternity service. Please let me know when you need the service.

  • Service Type
    Child Care / Maternity Nanny
  • Methodology

This activity is for deposit only to reserve my time. I am able to provide maternity service for you. I underwent stringent training and received maternity and nanny certificates from Taiwan, one of the most prominent institutions.

I will provide care for newborn, mother and prep / cook maternity meals.

I prefer to speak mandarin, but I can converse in limited English with the assistance of a translator.



【AyiConnection】Booking through us is backed by our “AyiConnection Cares” Promise. We will do everything we can to make things right when there is a dispute.

Provider Refund and Cancellation Policy

我不提供退款但是我们可以改时间。No refunds once you book me. If you have a conflict, let me know and we can reschedule.

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