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  • $40
  • Age limit: 15-99
Mia Y

I can teach Mandarin

I am from Taiwan

  • Service Type
    Learning / Language Tutor
  • Subject
  • Platform
    WeChat, Skype, Zoom
  • Methodology

你好,我是來自台灣的Mia,從六歲開始學習鋼琴,十七歲移居西雅圖 可以教學中文普通話,陪讀,兒童鋼琴 可以提供教學地點,或是到府上服務

Hello, I'm Mia from Taiwan. I began to learn piano at the age of six. When I was seventeen, I moved to Seattle, where I can teach Mandarin Chinese and accompany students

Provider Refund and Cancellation Policy

If the helper doesn't specifiy refund policy, this is the default policy that AyiConnection follows: Families can cancel any time up to 12 hours before the activity start time for free, but if activity is cancelled within 12 hours of the start time can be charged at 50% of the total fee after. If families cancel after the lesson start time or no communication is provided prior to activity (no-show), families will be charged at the full price. For deposit of the Chinese maternity care (yue sao), families will be charged at the full price for securing maternity nanny's time.

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