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To teach is to learn, this I believe. Offering Mandarin/Cantonese Intensive learning

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“Would anybody like to give an example of Nothing Is Impossible To A Willing Heart?” I asked my students in the Chinese class last Saturday morning.
Since “Me!” Yuan raised his hand immediately while I was speaking, I nodded my head and allowed him to share his story via our zoom classroom. Then He could not wait and started: It was all about looking for a micro headwear accessory. Yuan’s mother had lost her favorite head accessory in the hotel room one night in the last summer vacation holiday. He had done his best to look for it, as a result, he had got it! “My father suggested stopping after searching twice, but my mother encouraged me to continue. So that I continued to find it for the third time on the carpet, finally it was found by me!”
“Awesome!” Great job!” “Cool “almost all the classmates exclaimed in unison. “Where there is a will there is a way, I also learn from you, Yuan. Since I happened to lose my glasses’ screw in the bedroom last night, I will learn from you to find it after class although I planned to buy a new glass originally” Yes, you can, Miss Lin” “Full-on “Miss Lin, Trust you.” Ending with the above words I finished the class and was encouraged by my students.
And then I started the difficult finding on the carpet of my bedroom. The first time, no result; the second time, neither. It was extremely difficult because of the carpet's color and without a glass’s assistance, so I was depressed and would like to give up. But I vaguely remembered Yuan’s sharing and other students' encouragement and expectation, I was totally full of strength again. First, I tried changing the posture to kneel on the carpet; then I tried using the gesture of freehand to better feel the screw, which was even thin and micro than the needle.; the third, I tried searching under the dressing table; finally, I found the screw under the bed frame after one hour of searching. My students really gave me good teaching, which I learned there is a will there is a way.
I, as a Chinese teacher, am very lucky that I can also learn from my students, who realize a famous Ancient Chinese quote” To teach is to learn”. In addition, looking back at last year, which was a very hard time for me as new immigration during the Cov-19 situation, but Keeps on Learning in Lifetime has really been making sense. I have been back to University to intensively study English after 25 years’ graduation. Learning is a miracle journey. It can help me to avoid the confusion of Cov-19 and enjoy the knowledge awarding and reapplying. Yes, I believe I will keep on learning in my lifetime.

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If the helper doesn't specifiy refund policy, this is the default policy that AyiConnection follows: Families can cancel any time up to 12 hours before the activity start time for free, but if activity is cancelled within 12 hours of the start time can be charged at 50% of the total fee after. If families cancel after the lesson start time or no communication is provided prior to activity (no-show), families will be charged at the full price. For deposit of the Chinese maternity care (yue sao), families will be charged at the full price for securing maternity nanny's time.

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