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A single mom is a parent with the sole responsibility of childcare. Sometimes a single mom may be in full custody of the child or children or share custody. Taking care of a child or children alone comes with certain challenges and responsibilities. Those who aren't single moms also face the same struggles trying to balance work and life. Single motherhood demands other unique responsibilities like all the logistics around childcare, work, and home management- not excluding financial challenges.

Single parenting means that these parents have to juggle multiple tasks and still be good moms to their kids. We understand how challenging life as a single mom can be. Below are some survival and helpful tips for any single working mom. Study and follow them to achieve a balance between parenting and career.

1. Build a support network of friends and moms in similar situations.

Choose a network of friends and moms, as those who share the same struggles. Most importantly, understand that many single moms are going through the same thing. 

Single parenting is not a disease, so single mums must embrace life joyfully. Single moms shouldn’t give any room for discouragement, but face the challenges that come their way squarely.

It is okay to draw inspiration from the network of friends and family who are there to help and support them. Find a tribe of like-minded moms. Co-parenting or sharing an apartment with another single mom is also helpful. One of the advantages is that these moms can engage in swapping childcare duties. That way, it becomes easy to balance work with home management and childcare.

Endeavor to ask for help when necessary because being a single working mom can be tough. 

Seek job opportunities in parent-friendly companies

Some companies respect and value single working moms or single parenting. Such places have job security when childcare issues spring up. Search for companies or organizations like this. Also, truthfully explain the situation to your employer to get flexible working hours or work from home opportunities. It is not out of place to seek flexible working hours, and it might be granted. This work flexibility allows single mums to take care of their children and get relieved from work stress. 

In addition, single mums can search for paid volunteering opportunities in organizations that support single parenting. Such volunteering jobs give mums ample time to spend with their kids. Some volunteer organizations also have onsite childcare or daycare facilities for their employees. Some others provide amenities like breastfeeding rooms/storage, flextime options, paid maternity leave/adoption leave, and backup child care. Check out these kinds of places to work. Create a plan for optimal work-life balance to reduce stress.

3. Plan your finances

Don’t overlook the financial challenges of being a single mom. Sometimes, financial issues may spring up. Ensure to calculate childcare expenses to aid future planning. List out how income is spent; food, childcare, school, healthcare, rent, etc. Try ways to reduce expenses that are too cumbersome for the current income. It is also advisable to get a financial adviser if necessary. 

4. Engage the services of a nanny

Most single moms go through a lot of stress because they try to juggle work and parenting, and it can be taxing. This is where nanny services come in. Single moms can hire a live-in or daily nanny who will take care of the kids when they are away. That way, the kids get the best attention when the mom is not away, and the single mom can rest easy and focus on their work for better productivity.

Bonus Tip: Self-Care is important

Between rushing to work every morning, spending time with kids after work, and then providing for your home can take a toll on a single mom. However, taking a break sometimes to relax, go on vacations, spend time with friends, and just unwind can be really helpful.

Celebrate every achievement, whether it is in child care, the job, or just the ability to stay focused through it all. Little steps and little progress counts, and the tip is to never forget yourself in the mix. Remember, good health is necessary for successful single parenting.


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