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Tantrum Alert

We have all heard about the terrible twos or toddler temper, and it is likely that if you are reading this, you are currently experiencing a similar situation. One day your young toddler is an angel, and the next day you don’t recognize him with all the screaming, kicking, throwing toys, and rolling on the ground. 

As parents, especially if this is your first child, it is entirely normal to feel unsure or frustrated about what you are going through. 

First of all, cut yourself some slack. Recognize that tantrums are part of your child’s developmental path; it is not an indication of bad parenting. 

young baby Tantrums;

Here are some handy hacks for when your baby breaks down into full meltdown mode.

1. Assess the situation

This will help you identify the cause and find out what triggered the temper tantrum. Is your toddler trying to manipulate you to get his way or is he frustrated because he can't do something? Knowing what caused the outburst helps you fix the situation and inform you of where to go from there.

2. Change location

Move your upset toddler to a safe place if his meltdown puts him at risk of getting hurt. For example, if he decides to throw a fit on the sidewalk near a busy street, carry him into the house or to a quiet, open area.

3. Talk it out

Try and get through by talking to your toddler in a calming but firm voice. Remember that if you begin screaming, then he won't likely calm down anytime soon either. Your toddler picks up on your behaviors and energy, so a soothing voice may help him cool down and keep you level-headed in the process.

4. Provide Assistance

Offer your bub some help if his temper tantrum is due to frustration. For example, if he can't get dressed, you can help him get his head through the neck hole of his shirt or get his shoes started on the correct feet. Sometimes it's just a slight misunderstanding that leads to frustration.

5. Don’t give in

If the meltdown started over the wrong color of a cup, then please don’t give in. Ask them to express their wishes next time and promise that you’ll listen, but don’t change things only to make them feel better.

6. Nap time

Often, the critical cause of tiredness in bubs is that they are so overtired and don’t even realize it! Not a good combination, right?! So, get about seeing your little one in bed with some warm milk and maybe a book to calm them down.

That is our guide on how to handle the terrible twos, toddler temper, and all other tantrums or meltdowns in between! We hope that this has been useful, and you can employ some of these tactics next time the high-pitched squealing starts again!

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