logo AyiConnect Staff, Sep 16, 2020
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AyiConnect X Sidecar Health

More health options for our customers

We are proud to partner with Sidecar Health to provide you with more options for your health coverage. Sidecar Health is a revolutionary new health insurance product out on the market for individuals.

We selected Sidecar to partner with for our customers due to the innovation and flexibility in the following areas (get started here):

  1. 40% less than other traditional health plans
  2. ANYONE below 65 yo can enroll, including kids/babies
  3. Enrolment timing is ANYTIME
  4. No restriction for in or out of network
  5. You can compare price of the doctors and pick one that match your budget
  6. Cover over 170,000 medical services, procedures and drugs (maternity services included)
  7. Clear pricing: know how much the insurance will pay, and how much additional you will pay or keep (the difference between their payment and the doctor’s charge amount)

We believe they can serve our customer base well for allowing our customers to take control of their medical coverage. You can sign up or cancel anytime with any age below 65 for any coverage. 

If you need their service, or would like to inquire more, you can get started here with an application.

To celebrate the partnership, we will do a drawing of the $100 amazon gift card each month for our members who take advantage of this amazing offer.

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