AyiConnect Staff, May 26, 2020
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Everyone across the globe can feel the deep anguish and disorder that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. Families, especially in the United States, have been forced to develop unique strategies that will see them pull through this unfortunate season. Most families have adopted digital technologies to help them in areas such as remote learning and virtual sitting.

So let’s jump right in and discuss some of the impacts of COVID-19 from a family standpoint.

1. Adoption of virtual learning

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, in 2019, most parents preferred enrolling their children in public or private schools. Homeschooling grew dramatically from 3% to 8%.

However, this trend has shifted radically over the last couple of months, since lockdown measures were initiated. Parents are now seeking to recruit reliable virtual homeschooling tutors to keep the kids engaged academically. You can find homeschool teachers on ayiconnection.com, a marketplace allows you to book affordable activities with providers directly.

2. Adoption of virtual sitting for kids

Over time, most people have come to adopt the Work From Home (WFH) strategy fully. However, the home environment is still not very friendly, especially for mothers with kids. You can agree with me; managing work while being distracted by kids can be pretty hectic.

As a result, many parents have switched to in-person care providers (virtual babysitting) to minimize these distractions and help them become more productive at work. AyiConnect also provides sitters that can provide such a virtual service that allows you to book affordable activities with providers directly.

3. Scaling down budgets

Most families have become financially constrained, with most workers sheltering at their homes unable to go to work or working partially due to the reduced number of working hours. Low-income families, in particular, are the most vulnerable during these times of high downside risks. 

Therefore, even though the pandemic has affected people from all walks of life, low-income families have been the most hit group from an economic perspective; hence they have no option other than to forego some needs.

4. Parents turning to freelancing

Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig, the CEO and co-founder of WorkGenius, a freelance hiring platform, recently noted that there had been an increased number of applications to join the firm. This can be associated with the current state of affairs where breadwinners are doing all they can to bring something to the table. In addition, remote working has given many people great exposure to explore the large pool of opportunities available on the internet, hence allowing them to support their families.

5. Social isolation

As everyone seeks to remain safe from the outbreak, family meet-ups and visits remain a thing of the past. A typical example is a family that, in one way or another, had split beforeCOVID-19 struck. That means the members have been isolated from each other since then. While this can be traumatizing, many people have had to accept reality and move on. 

In conclusion, these uncertain times have awakened a different course for most families. Most families have embraced the reality and developed the necessary strategies to help them overcome the pandemic. Indeed, desperate measures are everything we need during these desperate times.

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