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Argentina, Uruguay y Chile: How much do you know about them?

What do these countries have in common?

Like the rest of Latin America, these three countries share many traditions and customs because they have very similar European influences. For example, both in Uruguay and Argentina, mate and roast are considered one of the typical dishes, and Argentina and Chile stand out for being one of the largest wine exporters in Latin America. Likewise, the three countries are located further south of the South American continent. They are considered "brother" countries.



  • Argentina is home to both the highest and lowest points of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Argentina’s most famous freedom fighter Che Guevara’s name was Ernesto Guevara.
  • Government officials banned parents from naming their children Messi in the football star’s hometown.
  • 97% of Argentinians have European roots.
  • Argentina went through five Presidents in just ten days.
  • Argentina offers unforgettable experiences for adventurers seeking Argentina group tours.

How Argentines are

They are known for their big ego. They are characterized by being punctual and very cheerful. Argentines love sharing with their families and friends. They feel a great passion for soccer, mate, and barbecue.

5 traditions in Argentina you should know

1. Greet with kiss

Argentines are incredibly affectionate people. And although in most Latin American or European countries it is very common to greet with a kiss, for some cultures this can be strange. It ends up being much weirder when the men greet each other with kisses as well.

2. The sensuality of the Tango
One of the main attractions in Argentina, especially in the city of Buenos Aires, is Tango. A sensual dance and musical genre that has gained international fame for its attractive way of being.

3. Get together with friends to have a barbecue
Friends are very important to any Argentine. That is why they enjoy meeting to share unique moments. One of the most common gatherings is barbecues. In these meetings, they enjoy the best meat that the country produces to share on the barbecue.

4. Football is a religion
The country of Maradona and Messi, the greatest soccer players in history, cannot be another. In Argentina football is lived differently. Their passion for the field extends to all corners of the country.

5. Dinner almost at midnight

The life of an Argentine person is quite hectic. The day gets longer between sharing time with friends, enjoying food, and living the long nightlife in the cities. That is why Argentines have the habit of having dinner quite late.



  • Uruguay is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America.
  • Uruguay means “river of painted birds”.
  • The biggest consumer of beef in the world.
  • Uruguay hosted the 1st World cup ever.
  • 100% of Uruguay's electricity comes from renewable sources.

How Uruguayans are

The majority of Uruguayans are receptive and open to cultural, religious, and sexual diversities, among others. Here we live in harmony, with respect for each of the differences that a person or group may have.

5 traditions in Uruguay you should know

1. Do the weekly shopping at the neighborhood fairs

Uruguayan families tend to be very conventional, so every week they get together to go to the market to do their shopping. The curious thing about this custom is that they always go to the same business.

2. Sharing food with the family
The tradition of some families in the country is that every week or month they meet in a house to taste typical food, grills, or any other dynamic. The family in this country is the beginning and the end, so they are very attached.

3. Cold Cakes
It is very important to highlight that Uruguayans have a very wide gastronomy, but they tend to be lovers of cold cakes. In all cafeterias and restaurants, they offer this type of dessert, especially those made with chocolate or cream. In addition, the portions are usually larger than normal, just like with any other typical or great choice dish.

4. The longest carnival in the world

If there is something that characterizes Uruguayans, it is their Carnival parties, which are one of the most joyful among Brazilians. They are also guaranteed to be one of the longest in the world for the last 40 days in a row.

5. Uruguayan popular customs the roast goat
The roast goat is one of the most important and representative dishes of Uruguayan culture since it is a food that was consumed by society in ancient times.



  • Chile is one of the longest countries in the world.
  • One of the most earthquake-prone countries.
  • In Chile, you could technically ski and surf in one day.
  • One of the world’s largest swimming pools is in Chile.
  • Sixth-largest producer of wine in the world.

How Chileans are

Chileans are characterized by being proud, cheerful, and optimistic. They are people who like to spend and be late. They feel a great sense of belonging to their country, lovers of its landscape, climate, and food.

5 traditions in Chile you should know

1. The Indigenous New Year
The first of the Chilean customs and traditions that we are going to highlight is the celebration of the Indigenous New Year every June 24, being a ceremony that constitutes the closing of the cycle, welcoming the winter solstice and, in turn, celebrating the Indigenous Peoples Day throughout the Chilean territory.

2. The Harvest Festival

One of the most popular Chilean traditions and customs is the Harvest Festival, which is full of celebrations and activities that take place during the wine grape harvest season (between March and April), being the location where This tradition is more deeply rooted than that of the winery of the Central Valley of Chile.

3. The Viña del Mar Festival

The Viña del Mar Festival is another celebration that should be mentioned among the main customs and traditions of Chile since it is considered the most important music celebration in Latin America, managing to bring together a multitude of nationally and internationally renowned artists who perform at the Quinta Vergara amphitheater, in the Valparaíso Region.

4. The National Holidays of Chile
The National Holidays, which are celebrated throughout September in commemoration of the independence of this country from the Spanish Empire, are other of the best-known Chilean customs and traditions.

5. The Winter Carnival
In July, when winter passes in the southern hemisphere, another of the main customs and traditions of Chile is celebrated, the Winter Carnival. In the Chilean town of Punta Arenas, these carnivals are celebrated in which you can enjoy a parade of comparsas with colorful costumes walking around 0ºC in temperature, which makes these festivities a unique experience.









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