logo AyiConnect Staff, Nov 10, 2023
Read 7 hours ago

Part 4: Getting engagement

  • Community

Our most thrilling feature is finally here! It was tucked away in the app previously, but user feedback highlighted the desire for social interaction and support. Now, it's right up front as a feed. Share topics, jobs, availability, or questions– either with your name or anonymously. We're excited about the engagement this will bring!

  • Safe Calling

Addressing a previous concern raised by our users, we understand the need for privacy when it comes to sharing phone numbers. With Safe Calling, we've leaped to enhance security and safeguard user privacy. Now, you can connect directly without revealing your numbers, ensuring a worry-free communication experience.

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This release is packed with many gems. We truly hope you are as excited as we are about building the future of the caregiving connectivity experience.

As always, we would appreciate any feedback for us to continue to improve from here.