Choosing thе right саrе fоr уоur loved one will provide tremendous relief to you and your family, whether it is for child care, senior care or home care. You will spend some time searching for the right person. Once you decide on a caregiver, we often recommend a trial period to assess if she/he is aligned with your family’s care philosophy.

There will be times where you and the caregiver may not see eye to eye on a topic. Some families regret the decision that they jump the gun and let go of a good caregiver due to a misunderstanding.

The key to a good working relationship is open communication. It also comes down to trust.

Of course, there will be situations that warrant an immediate termination such as the caregiver is abusing the child or the elder. When you are in a circumstance that a caregiver is not doing something correctly, or have a different caring philosophy, use the tips below to avoid a bad decision:

Firstly, learn the whys.

When something doesn't feel right, or you see something is being done incorrectly, you should ask the reason why things are being done a certain way. Use a tone that does not come across as aggressive. Give her/him a chance to share their thoughts. Instead of rushing to a conclusion, you will gain a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes stories.

Secondly, offer a suggestion or a solution.

You can say this is our preference for how things should get done. Show her a few times if she does not understand, especially for those whose language may not be the same as yours.

Lastly, observe and assess.

Give the caregiver another chance to implement your process. A good caregiver is usually a quick learner and she/he wants to perform well. If nothing improves over some time, then it might be time to reassess if she/he is the right fit.

Misunderstandings happen. Don’t make the mistake of letting someone go over a mix-up you’ll later regret. The bottom line is that you can always resolve things with the right level of communication.



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