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Many parents don’t know what to do when their kids get forgetful and disorganized. It is almost expected to walk into your kid’s room and find things all over the place – school books, clothes, towels, and even food.

But what if you want that to change and for your kids to be more organized going forward? You simply have to teach them!

Although some kids can naturally stay focused and organized without much help, that doesn’t reflect badly on kids who need help. In fact, with support and time, those kids can be taught to develop a sense of organization. 

As a parent, you are in the perfect place to teach your child organization and help them keep their rooms and lives in order, even at a young age. Here are some things you can do to help your kids get organized.

  1. Draw up a checklist

Just as parents often need checklists to ensure they are on top of all their necessary tasks, kids also need to know what tasks have to be done and the steps required to complete each task. Activities like reading, doing chores, and doing homework are common items for such a list.

Make the list alongside your kids and tell them to keep it handy so that they can tick things off as they carry out the tasks. The list could be hung on the wall, given to them on paper, or even writen on the board in their room where they can see it.

  1. Teach your kids time management skills

Talk through tasks with your kids so you can figure out how long it will take them to complete each item. Then, take note of the tasks on a calendar or paper, suggesting your kids try to carry out the tasks in the time you marked. 

After the allotted time has passed, you can determine if more time is needed, if the time should be reduced, or if you need to teach your kid to focus so that they can maximize their time.

You should teach your kids when to switch from one task to another and take note of when some activities ought to be done. 

  1. Break tasks down into small bits

A major task can seem daunting for a child, which could lead to them making mistakes or handling things haphazardly.

However, if you break down chores into smaller steps, your kids won’t be as overwhelmed. Instead, they will see the steps as small milestones they can attain in no time.

So, instead of telling your kids to tidy their rooms and leaving it at that, you can tell them to first pick up their clean clothes and fold them, place their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and then make their beds. These specifics will help your kids focus on all areas of the task and do them well.

  1. Give your kids a mini-workplace

Just like adults can get bursts of focus, motivation, and organization from working in a designated space, kids can also benefit from doing the same. Setting up a little corner where your kids can read, do their assignments, and store their educational supplies can go a long way in creating order in that aspect of their lives.

Always oversee such work areas and be on standby to offer them any help they might need as they work. You can also designate a play area and a sleeping area; that way, all these places and their functions are well defined, preventing your kids from keeping toys around their workplace or sleeping in their play areas. This is the kind of order they need. 

  1. Teach your kids to organize their ideas

Introducing older kids to idea organizers can be very helpful, especially when they have tests, examinations, and school projects to keep track of.

They can learn to write bullet point ideas in a notebook, tablet, or file for a particular subject. You can also teach them to create study guides or patterns that will help them study better.

For instance, your child studying for a test can draw columns in a book where they will write possible questions and answers or words and phrases they need to remember.

6. Teach them proper storage 

Whether they are storing clothes, books, or other belongings, it is important to teach your kids where and how to store their belongings. When storing, you must also consider how easy it will be for them to remember the locations you choose and the storage pattern behind the locations.

For instance, your kids can store their clothes in drawers based on colors, place their books on shelves according to the assignments they need to do, or fold their clothes based on the days they are worn.


Parents have very important roles to play in the lives of their kids, and helping kids get organized is one of them. Your child will grow into a focused, orderly, and self-sufficient adult when you teach them organization early in life. We hope these tips will be helpful to you.


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