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When it comes to hiring a nanny, it is always a great idea to hire one that is bilingual for several reasons. They give your children exposure to other languages and cultures different from theirs. And regardless of whatever languages the bilingual nanny is used to, they are specially trained to be able to communicate and interact with clarity. Luckily, there are a lot of wonderful bilingual nannies that you could hire to inspire your kids to learn another language.


There are several ways you could search for a bilingual nanny to hire. You can recruit them yourself by conducting several interviews, or you can utilize the internet by signing up on several bilingual hiring online websites such as AyiConnect. Alternatively, you could also employ a service to find the perfect fit for you, such as AyiConnect Concierge. Just ensure you carefully vet each candidate you get without any bias. But how can you ensure you do not overpay when it comes to negotiating the pay rate in the hiring process?

1. Take a localized survey in your community on pay rate

Pay rates for bilingual nannies vary, depending on your community or city. Ensure you first take a well-documented unofficial survey of how much bilingual nannies are paid on average. This will give you a great idea of how to pay your nanny without any fear of overpaying or underpaying. You may also check online to see if any such surveys have been conducted by anyone in your city if you do not want to carry out one yourself. 

2. Utilize nanny tax calculators 

There are several other expenses aside from the actual salary for your nanny, like unemployment taxes, payroll, etc and it could become tedious to keep track of them all. To remedy this, you can utilize a nanny tax calculator to get a comprehensive picture of what you are required to pay. This will help you also know the pay rate you can afford so as not to employ a bilingual nanny beyond your means. 

3. Negotiate for hourly pay rates

 Although nannies are legally required to be paid on an hourly basis, you can negotiate guaranteed hours while hiring to give your nanny an idea of the "take-home" salary. This will also help you keep track of how much you are to pay your nanny grossly so you can determine if it is sufficient or an overpay. 

4.   Keep all payments on the books 

Paying your bilingual nanny "under the table" could result in an untold legal and financial crisis that you may not be prepared for, which may ultimately result in an overpay for normal services rendered. To solve this, you must ensure all payments made to your bilingual nanny are above board and properly documented for reference purposes. 

5. Hire professional help in determining pay rates 

If you still find it difficult to determine just exactly how much you need to pay your bilingual nanny, you can employ the services of an accounting company to determine just exactly how much is too much to pay. This service will also help you avoid underpaying your bilingual nanny which will help you avoid unnecessary lawsuits in the future. 

6. Do sufficient research

Research is always very important before venturing out into any endeavor you are not familiar with. It will save you from a lot of hassles that come with hiring a bilingual nanny. The internet is always at your beck and call. You can always utilize it in determining the perfect amount to pay your bilingual nanny. You must ensure you have adequately conducted extensive research, and both you and the bilingual nanny are satisfied with the results before you sign off on any permanent payment rate. 

In conclusion

While it may be tempting to low blow your bilingual nanny when it comes to paying rates and other benefits, you must always refrain from doing so. You must present a rate that is fair to both you and the bilingual nanny. On the other hand, you shouldn't unknowingly overpay the nanny to your detriment.

You must ensure you treat your bilingual nanny with respect and pay a rate that is worth their time, as this is pivotal to building a good workplace relationship. 


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