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The early years in a child's life are usually the best time to introduce vital habits that will stick with the child for a very long time. Selecting the right books for children can kindle a lifelong enthusiasm and affinity for books. However, you must choose just the right books for children under your care, as the wrong ones could lead to a general disliking for books or teach them the wrong things. How can you spot the perfect book for children when you visit the bookstore? Is there any formula to picking the right ones? Here are some helpful tips that could guide you.

  1. Search for books that are easy for children to relate to and teach a good lesson.

The best children's books are those that generally allow children to experience different lives and worlds. So, you must select one that still manages to be relatable to children of a particular age range to the point where they can see themselves in some characters. Even stories set in imaginary and fictional worlds should still include characters with relatable features or characteristics. This will ensure that the child is always excited about reading the book till the end. 

Also, good books should teach children valuable lifelong lessons without making them seem too obvious or difficult. Select books that will subtly deliver a valuable lesson to kids and help them learn a new skill. For instance, some books will help a child count effectively, color different shapes, or name different alphabets. 

  1. Select books that are easy to read and have great illustrations 

If you are going to be present while the child reads the book, you can select one that includes some big words and read it aloud with the child. This will help the child under your care to get familiar with complex words and be able to take on more big words on their own. 

However, if you want the child to enjoy the story on their own without being distracted by complex words, you can get a simpler book that has only simple words that the child is familiar with. Also, you could go for books that employ the rhyming system in writing. This could not only be fun for the child to read but also fun to listen to when it's being read aloud.

Illustrations are a great way to help your child get a better grasp of the idea of the book, or the message being passed. For children from the ages of 4 to 9, you should select books that include clear and vivid images that will pique their interest. Ensure the book includes images that are closely related to the storyline in the text. You may also want to consider books without any text, that convey information through illustrations and images. They are also great for improving childrens’ vocabulary skills, as the child is required to translate the images into words and interpret the illustrations that form the storyline.

  1. Select books that are trending for children of specific ages

Perhaps the easiest way to select the perfect book for children is to trust the work of teachers or librarians that has highlighted books that are great for children of different ages. For example, some books are best for children aged 3 to 5, which may include more illustrations and images and lesser texts. Also, some books are best for children 4 to 7, which may include more texts and a few big words may be included. You may also need to trust their recommendations that are tailored specifically to the child's academic needs.

At the end of the day, you must ensure that the book you select for the children under your care is age-appropriate and one that the child is interested in reading. Next time you are at the bookstore with children, pay close attention to the books that they pick interest in, and if they are age-appropriate, that might be a good place to start! Letting the child naturally pick out the book they want to read at a very early age might be the beginning of a lifelong habit of picking up books at the store to read.


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