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Bilingual discussion

When starting the process of becoming a bilingual nanny, you may be asking yourself, exactly how much information should I provide before a family hires me? When do I allow a background check to be completed, and when should I provide references? While the process of being hired may seem overwhelming, becoming a bilingual nanny can also be one of the most fulfilling, and lucrative, childcare jobs available. You have the benefit of a steady income, as well as a consistent care schedule that allows you to form close bonds with the family. Being a bilingual nanny can also come with additional benefits such as food and travel allowances. 

Step 1: Background Checks

After interviewing a nanny, many parents want to perform a background check prior to the trial period. Generally, this check should only be performed if both the parents and the nanny feel that the relationship may be a good fit. Resultantly, it is a good idea to allow parents to perform a background check only if they seriously want to trial you, and you are genuinely interested in the position. Parents wanting to perform a background check can also be a good sign that they are willing to go the extra step in making sure that they have a positive and professional relationship with their nanny. Having parents request a background check prior to introducing you to their children does not mean that they don’t trust you as an individual but is rather a customary measure. Additionally, once the background result is available, you can share it with other families if you are interviewing with multiple families. 

Step 2: The Trial Period

Following the interview and background check, parents generally schedule a trial period with the nanny where they can observe how the nanny interacts with their children. However, the trial period is a beneficial experience for both the family and the nanny. During this time it is good to be very authentic as personality, working style, and childcare philosophy are important in making sure that the position is a good fit for both parties. This is a period for the nanny to learn the family’s routines, and ultimately decide if the relationship will be a good fit. 

Step 3: References

If a family is still interested in hiring you after the trial, you can then allow them to check your references. The reason for waiting until after the trial for a reference check is so that only families seriously pursuing employment complete this process. Otherwise, a family may run a background check, and check your references, only to decide that you aren’t a good fit during the trial stage. This is especially important as a validation for families who are unfamiliar with your natvie language and will provide them a peace of mind and confirmation that hiring you is the right decision. 

Overall, becoming a bilingual nanny can be a very fulfilling experience, and there are certain steps that can make the process easier. Is it common to proceed with the hiring process in order of application, interview, background check, trial, and finally reference check. Despite what may seem like a lengthy process, it can all be worth it once you are hired by a family that is a perfect fit for your skill set and personality. 

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