Parents Turning To Freelancing, What Can They Do?

Freelance career might offer your more time to spend with your child, this is the obvious benefit among many. In current modern world, freelancing has been a better fit especially for new parents.

Thousands of work-from-home parents run successful freelance business while bringing up their little children. You can do it too! Habit modification, careful planning and use of the right tools ensure that you have got plenty of time with your family and ultimate performance in meeting your income targets.

Here are some of the tips you can use to combine freelancing and parenting successfully.

#1. Develop Schedules and Plan Ahead
Freelancer has more flexibility of working on children needs. However, it's important that you set strict schedules to follow. When you have a plan, stay on the course and be focused on what it needs to be done.

#2. Utilize Pockets of Time
15 minutes while child sleeps can help you finish the billable work from a client. The little pockets of time throughout the day, if 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, add up. Make good use of these moments to wrestle back an hour for a day or many hours for a week.

#3. Make Clear Boundaries
Freelancing is a serious business, child care is even more. There are many distractions at home that can draw your week into chaos. You must set limits between family and friends. If it's about some social time to boost your mental health, plan it well in advance. Separate work time and space form leisure and social activities!

#4. Streamline Freelancing and Parenting With the Modern Technology.
Work needs to be delivered, and your child demands your attention. Both parties need your fulfillment as soon as possible, it's your role to get things done.

AyiConnection is a platform to connect families with helpers who can provide language assistance in addition to care. You can engage and book them through us. Concierge 1:1 Elite service is also available for busy professionals who don't have time or need language assist. Check us out on ayiconnection.com.

Streamlining your actions with modern technology makes work simple for you. There are online applications, platforms and tools that can help you automate different freelancing features. For example with invoice ninja, your invoicing procedures (recurring bills and payment reminders) are automated.

#5. Build a team
If possible, rely on a partner. Successful work-home balance needs a partner who puts more into your home life as you do. Work with your partner and find solutions and balance that works for you. Embrace the philosophy that you can do it, you are ready and you can manage each hurdle and obstacle that comes your way.

Types Of Gigs Available Out There
As a parent you’ve an array of side hustles to choose from, you can choose to do them either part-time or full-time. With the current pandemic crisis, apparently, a significant number of parents take up the following jobs:

  1. Teaching online
  2. Virtual assistant service
  3. Becoming an adjunct professor
  4. Tutoring
  5. Ghostwriting
  6. Cover letter and resume services
  7. Food and grocery (purchased items) delivery services

The beauty of the above gigs is that you don’t need a huge initial capital or any specialized skill-set. Each has the potential of earning you a substantial amount of money during your spare time. You can provide these services on AyiConnection.com. It is a platform where you can create any family related activities for others to book you.

Freelance business needs a lot of time, energy, and effort. It's like raising a child. Combining freelancing and parenting might be difficult to juggle responsibilities and trying to keep things under control when any department gets wrong.

To most people practicing freelancing and parenting, works usually come second best. If you're freelancing to pay your family bills, then you need to get the work done despite the little time you've.

Freelancing as a parent means that you will be there when your child needs you, there is no day work will be more important than your children. Finally, choose a gig that works best for you’re and your family, make some amount during your little available time.