These days, several forms of services exist to meet your needs in many areas. From full service to self-service and concierge, clients and businesses prefer some over the other because of unique features and benefits. 
This post will throw light on the features of concierge and self-service to help you choose what works best for you. 

What is Self-Service?
Self-service entails offering clients and customers the right tools and information they need to answer their questions and experience their services better. 
As customers and clients become more demanding and need answers that fit their needs, self-services allow you to provide online to your customers without interaction with a company representative.

Advantages of Self-Service

1. Customer Satisfaction 
Customers like the efficiency, speed, and satisfaction of handling their issues by themselves at the time when they need it. Businesses offering the self-service option have increased customer satisfaction.
Minimizes wait time 
Whether online or offline, waiting in line leads to unsatisfied and disgruntled customers. When people can choose to either wait for a representative or handle their issues, it reduces the time they spend waiting in line.

2. Customer Attraction 
When you have self-service options, your business will become appealing to many customers who want efficiency in their dealings. Customers seeking quick services will love your business and services.  

3. Cost Reduction 
Businesses can save costs by offering self-service options, which will reduce the number of actual customer representatives and staff they hire. With a self-service machine or software, you can cut costs while satisfying your customers. 

What is Concierge Service?
A concierge is a company or an individual that specializes in rendering personal assistance or other services to persons, organizations, and businesses who need them.
Concierge services offer high-end services and solutions to clients at a more affordable cost. This service also saves the client time by carrying out specialized tasks on their behalf.
Concierge services cover household management, caregiving or nanny services, lifestyle management, planning, transportation, etc. 

Concierge services cut across several groups of people. Busy professionals can have a more productive say when a concierge service helps them to handle some issues. Parents also have more time when a concierge service takes care of their home chores and household management.

Why do people hire concierge professionals? There are many advantages to hiring a concierge service. Check out a few of these benefits.

Features and Advantages of Concierge Services

1. Lifestyle Concierge 
Lifestyle concierge encompasses taking care of the personal, professional, and family needs of a person. Lifestyle concierge services offer solutions in every area of a person's life. A client can get concierge services for running errands, handling house chores, cooking, offering personal assistance, and handling child care.
You can also get concierge services for transportation, event planning, health instruction, and life administration.
The benefit of such a concierge exists in taking the burden off your shoulders, handing taxing activities while saving time, cost, and energy. 
Concierge services work with members of staff who are experienced in several areas, and they outsource a staff who can meet all your needs to attend to you.

2. Travels and hotel concierge 
Hotel concierge entails hotel or restaurant guides offering some solutions for guests, depending on their needs. Such solutions include driving a guest to and from the hotel, offering language translations, recommending sights to visit, and handling bookings.
Travel concierge is also very popular and increasing in popularity. Concierge service providers offer professional guidance before and during a journey. These services include transportation arrangements, recommendations, safety assurance, and health care.
These concierge services ensure that you get the best of every trip, vacation, or visit.

3. Business concierge 
Business concierge is a high-corporate solution that offers error-free business project handlings. Business concierge solutions include recruitment, handling client meeting and projects, scheduling and arranging meetings, etc.
Small or large scale businesses can engage expert business concierge services to handle some of their needs while they work on the others. 

Final Thoughts 
The same way businesses need self-services to help customers get their needs met faster, individuals, organizations, and families need concierge services to handle every area of their existence.

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