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Top News Stories from April 12, 2024

O.J. Simpson:

  • O.J. Simpson died of cancer at 76.
  • Simpson was a famous athlete accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend.
  • He was acquitted in a televised trial but found liable in a civil case.

Trump Trial:

  • Jury selection begins in Trump's hush money trial.
  • Trump required to be in court and faces potential security risks.


  • Ukraine pleads for more military aid after failing to shoot down most Russian missiles.
  • Russia destroys another major power plant in Ukraine.


  • Iowa governor signs law criminalizing undocumented immigration.
  • Law similar to Texas' law currently blocked by courts.
  • Mexico vows to defend rights of Mexicans in Iowa.


  • Measles cases on the rise in the US, threatening elimination status.
  • Most cases involve unvaccinated individuals or those with unknown status.

Other News: