logo AyiConnect Staff, Apr 24, 2024
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Top News Stories from April 24, 2024

US Legislation

  • President Biden is expected to sign a $95 billion foreign aid package approved by the Senate. The package includes aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, sanctions on Iran, and potential measures against TikTok.
  • The Supreme Court will hear arguments on abortion rights, specifically whether hospitals are required to provide emergency abortions in certain situations.

Social Issues

  • Pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University continue, with the university extending negotiations with student activists.
  • Tennessee passed a bill allowing trained and permitted school staff to carry handguns on school grounds.
  • A report by the American Lung Association finds that nearly 40% of people in the US live with unhealthy air due to factors like pollution and wildfires.

Other News

  • Tesla announced a production date for a cheaper car model in 2025, amidst declining sales.