Finding a caregiver you love is a blessing indeed! If you have found a caregiver you love, you need to keep her around for a long time. 
How do you achieve this? You have to make the necessary effort to make the caregiver happy so that they won't think of leaving you anytime soon. 
The first step is to ask yourself how you would love your boss to treat you were a caregiver. The answers you find will help you as we go on. Here are some things to do. 

Offer a Good Salary 
The first step to ensure that your caregiver is happy with your family is to ensure that they earn a good-enough salary. Nobody would be happy earning a salary that is below average, your employee is no exception.
Calculate your caregiver's salary depending on the number of kids you have, the needs of your senior family member, and your caregiver's experience and education levels. 
Compare your estimates with other families and find out the competitive salary in your area before offering a salary to your caregiver.

Offer Employment Benefits 
To keep your caregiver around for a long time, create an appealing employment benefits package that includes paid and unpaid holidays, and off-work days. 
You can also offer your caregiver extra benefits like paying for a gym membership or evening classes. Some families also give caregivers their cars for as long as they work with the family.   

Respect Your Nanny 
Treat your caregiver like you value her input and suggestions. If your caregiver feels like she is important to you, she will make more effort and go out of her way to make things work for your family.

Be clear with your expectations
Ensure to be clear to your caregiver about your expectations and what her duties will entail. Create a detailed job description and sign a work agreement to avoid misunderstanding as time goes on. From the minor to major things, don't leave a thing out, so that your caregiver won't be in the dark and perform below expectations.
Set up the ground and operational rules guiding your professional relationship, and always inform your caregiver if you are making any changes. 

Don't Be Rigid 
Although you have agreed on a schedule and job expectations, be open to giving your caregiver some unexpected time off. Sometimes, emergencies might come up, and your caregiver comes into work late or needs to take a day off to see the doctor and run errands. 

Achieve an Open and Honest Communication 
Communicate your complaints or compliments properly in a way your caregiver can understand and appreciate. Share the things you notice about your house, kids, elderly, and your caregiver, and ensure to do this sincerely.
When you always talk with your caregiver, she will also be open to sharing her concerns, ideas, and opinions.

While these tips will help you maintain a great relationship with your caregiver and keep them caring for your elderly or kids, it is also essential to know when to let your caregiver go.

Here are some signs that it is time to let your caregiver go?

  • If your child or senior is no longer happy with the caregiver even after adequate time to get used to each other, it might be time to let go.
  • When your caregiver is always distracted and doesn't pay proper attention to their duties. 
  • Once your caregiver begins to flout rules, show up late to work consistently, without due reason. 
  • If your caregiver starts to hint that she is tired of the job or can no longer keep up with your elderly or kids. 
  • If there is a change in relationship with your caregiver and it is affecting your communication or family's needs, it is likely time to consider letting go.
  • When a change in your financial status affects your ability to pay your caregiver their salary, it is time to speak with your caregiver about letting them go.
  • If your caregiver gets caught stealing or engages in a crime 

Other reasons might come up that isn't here. But whatever the case might be, always think deeply about your decision and discuss it with your friends, family members, and even your caregiver to ensure that you are making the right decision. 

Our caregivers hold a special place in our hearts, so we will always do our best to keep them happy, and let them go when we have to.

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