Though we may see raising our child as a privilege, every busy parent knows that a bit of help now and then doesn’t hurt. Maybe you just need a few extra hours a week to run errands or are even trying to figure out how to balance working full-time with making sure that your child is in the best care environment possible. Raising a kid can be just as difficult as rewarding, and there is nothing wrong with seeking alternative care options as your child grows and learns. Three of the most popular methods of childcare that parents turn to are bilingual nanny shares, traditional daycare, and home daycare.

Bilingual Nanny Shares
While each childcare solution has its benefits, nanny shares tend to be one of the most convenient and beneficial options. Furthermore, bilingual nanny shares have the advantage of exposing children to a second language. A nanny share is when one nanny is hired to provide childcare for two or more different families who split the cost of the nanny’s wages. The nanny may care for the children all at once at one family’s home or may alternate days helping out each family. This option can provide a high level of relief for parents, as they have the peace of mind knowing that their children are in a familiar environment with a trusted caregiver.

Hiring a bilingual nanny also has the added benefit of immersing children in a second language, which can improve their communication skills and encourage them to embrace new ideas and cultures. Furthermore, a nanny share can be a great opportunity for children to socialize with other kids in a small group setting, while still being more cost efficient than a traditional nanny. However, when beginning a nanny share it can be important to consider how you will communicate with the other families and whether or not the nanny is willing to care for numerous children.

Traditional Daycare 

While both traditional daycare and home daycare also give children the opportunity to socialize, they have their downfalls. While many parents turn to traditional daycare as it is the most cost-efficient childcare option of the three, it does come with its obstacles.

Finding a good daycare that is both clean and licensed can be a tedious task, and if your child gets sick you will have to take time off to stay home with them. Especially living in a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, sending your child to a public care center can be incredibly stressful. Similarly, many daycares observe holidays, meaning little flexibility in adapting your childcare hours to your schedule. 

Home Daycare 

Home daycare is similar to traditional daycare but is operated out of a home instead of a facility. Home daycares are still required to obtain licenses but tend to have smaller groups of children enrolled. While kids still can socialize in a loving home environment, the caregivers may or may not have the same type of certifications as the caregivers at traditional daycare. Home daycares also tend to have single caregivers. Therefore the parent must have a high level of trust in the group as the caregiver generally has limited supervision or help.

Depending on caregivers' philosophy and state requirements, the child to caregiver ratio at home daycare also tends to be higher, and children may be exposed to more TV time. However, the smaller group size does limit a child's exposure to germs compared to traditional daycare. 

Overall, each method of childcare has both its benefits and downfalls, but at the end of the day, the best option depends on the family's needs. However, bilingual nanny shares can be an excellent choice for parents who want the benefits of a bilingual nanny at a discounted price and want to give their children the opportunity to socialize in a loving environment.

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