Tips to calm kids down when they are upset as a caregiver whose English is a second language


Children are the cutest beings on earth, but they have difficulty handling their emotions. A happy a...

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Finding an Affordable Bilingual Helper


Ready to hire your first bilingual caregiver? Bilingual caregivers can provide an enriching bilingua...

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Navigating the Hiring Process as a Bilingual Nanny


When starting the process of becoming a bilingual nanny, you may be asking yourself, exactly how muc...

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Communicating with Your Bilingual Helper


So, you’ve decided to embark on the fulfilling journey of hiring a bilingual helper. While the...

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How do you get your kids interested in another language?


If you have observed the way some infants speak and learn languages, you would be astonished by the...

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What Good Parenting for Kids Entails


As different parenting practices evolve, parents constantly search for bringing up their kids under...

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Challenges and solutions to raise bilingual kids


If you are a bilingual parent, you probably want your children to learn your language, lifestyle, an...

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