Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba: What do they have in common?


What do they have in common? These countries, belonging to Latin America, share many customs and...

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Christmas traditions in the Spanish speaking countries


  The Hispanic countries have many things in common, among them the Christmas’ customs...

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Latin Americs and Anglo America: What are their differences?


  First, it is important to know that both belong to the same continent (America). The cultu...

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Spanish Speaking Countries: Traditional Foods


Like most immigrant groups, Latin Americans keep in mind the importance of traditional food and have...

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Things you need to know before deciding to hire a nanny of different cultural background


In these modern days, we often notice that more moms are joining the workforce and an increasing num...

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Latin America: How much do you know about it?


Latin America is one of the two great cultural regions into which the American continent can be divi...

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Spanish speaking cultures: Impact in the United States


  The Spanish-speaking community has had one of the highest rates of emigration in...

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