Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Putting a Child in a Car Seat


Mistakes are easy to make when a car seat harness is not used correctly. Parents may say we don&...

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Dumb It Down On Car Seat Guidelines


In the U.S., we spend about 290 hours a year on the road according to the American Driving Survey. W...

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Tantrum Alert: 6 Tips to Handling it on Young Babies


We have all heard about the terrible twos or toddler temper, and it is likely that if you are readin...

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Positive Parenting: Should I Use "No"?


We all want to have an unbreakable bond with our children, right? And feel like they are able to tal...

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Caregiver and Nanny Contract - Is It Required?


Parents always ask, do we really need a contract to hire a caregiver? You are not legally req...

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Do You Need To Learn The Language Your Nanny Speaks?


Recent studies have shown several wonderful benefits of raising kids with ability to speak multiple...

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