Give yourself a break when things don't go as planned


We've all been there; those moments that seem to linger. Being overwhelmed by a feeling of disap...

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AyiConnect X AirClass Kids


AyiConnect x AirClass Hello, AyiConnect Families! We are always striving to serve you the best...

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Is life too comfortable for our children?


As humans, the pursuit of comfort is something we might never give up. In fact, we seem to be wired...

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How do you approach kids at rebellious ages?


Every parent thinks their very young child is an angel, but, as kids grow, there comes a point when...

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How much screen time is too much for your children?


Never before in the history of innovation and entertainment has there ever been a time where being e...

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Babysitting ideas for school-aged kids


There’s no doubt that hiring a babysitter to care for your school-aged child might raise anxie...

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?


Kids need a good amount of sleep to grow properly and function well in their daily activities. The a...

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