What is Ayi?
Ayi, 阿姨, is a respectful way that Chinese families call their caregivers. Ayi's responsibilities include but not limited to caring for your little one, your seniors, light house-keeping, meal preparation, cooking or laundry.
What is the process to find a caregiver on this site?
First, you sign up on ayiconnection.com. There are two ways you can find a caregiver: 1. browse through profiles: you can look at the caregivers who match your requirements and start communicating with them. 2. Post a job: caregivers close to you will receive alerts that your job is posted and send you messages with interests. Once you’ve communicated with them, you can invite a few through a phone interview and follow by an in-person interview. We highly recommend you to meet in a public location such as a café for safety reason. You can then ask for reference checks at the point. Once you’re comfortable with the caregiver, you can proceed to have them to your house to look at the working environment. If both parties are comfortable with each other, a background check (hyperlink) is highly advised before starting a trial run. A trial run usually lasts two to four weeks before finalizing the employment.
I found a caregiver, now what?
It's recommended to perform phone/in-person interviews, ask for references and perform a background check on the caregiver before proceeding the hiring.
Should we set up a contract?
We highly recommend to draft a contract so that the two parties have a full understanding of the scope of service and the payment method. We provided a sample contract for your reference. Please email ask@ayiconnection.com to obtain a sample.
What type of services do a caregiver provide?
There are generally three types of arrangement a caregiver provides: live-in full-time, live-out full-time, live-out part-time. Most caregivers are specialized in child cares or senior cares, but some may possess ability to perform dual cares. They may provide additional services such as cooking, and light housekeeping depending on your requirements. They are required to be legally authorized to work in the U.S. Some may or may not be English proficient.
Are we responsible for paying pay taxes?
Once you hire a caregiver, the caregiver will become your employee. The family is responsible for caregiver's compensation. As we are unable to provide legal or tax advice on payment, please consult a tax accountant or attorney for more information. It is highly recommended to determine the arrangement prior to employment to avoid future dispute.
What are the average caregivers' rate/salary?
For a live-in and full-time Ayi, we recommend industry standards between $500 - $800 per week depending on the nanny/caregiver experience and job requirements. For part-time Ayi, we believe rates should generally be ranging between $12 and $20 per hour.
Why is there a fee to this platform?
For families, you can sign up on this platform and post a job for free, with limited access to caregivers’ profiles. You may be required to become a subscribed member in order to start a conversation with the caregiver. See pricing below. The fees are there for a couple purposes: 1. to ensure a serious and verified family to contact our caregivers for their safety; 2. to help us improve the platform's functionalities and your experience.
What does a subscription give me access to?
With our subscription account, regardless of the length, you can post as many jobs as you need and send them to caregivers, and get access to ALL caregivers on the platform. Yes one fee to all!
What is your refund policy?
As per our Terms of Service all subscriptions automatically renew and are considered non-refundable. However, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time directly through your account Settings.
Do we need to provide food and transportation for our caregivers?
For live-in caregivers, families typically will need to provide food and reasonable transportation. For live-out caregivers, families generally do not need to provide food or transportation to get to work. If a family requires transportation/driving of the nanny during the work day, the family will usually provide transportation or expense reimbursement (gas, toll, mileage, public transportation, etc.)
How long does the process take to find a caregiver?
We recommend two to four weeks before your hiring date, depending on requirements and individual circumstances.
How long will the background check be valid for?
Background checks typically expires after one year. New background check can be requested any time. We recommend a background check before each hire. You can in fact request a background run for caregivers in our app.
How long does it take a background check to run?
Criminal Records Check can take anywhere from 1-3 days, whereas Motor Vehicle Records may take up to 10 business days.
What personal information is displayed on background check?
Background check only displays caregivers’ legal name, city and state, the Social Security Number (SSN) is verified and the outcome of the criminal history report. It does not display caregivers’ SSN . Ayiconnection.com does not store SSN anywhere.
Do you take a commission on nannies or caregivers?
No commission will be taken out of nannies and caregivers. We want them to keep their hard earn money. They keep all of their earnings. Families will pay them directly.
How do we know if the caregiver or family is real?
In addition to email/social network sign up, we require everyone who signs up on our platform to verify phone number to show that the person is real and has an active phone number to communicate with others. We also perform a regular review of the accounts to ensure the quality and safety of our users.
Is my information private?
Yes, we would never share your information unless it is instructed by you. You can also look for the green bar in front of the web address at the top of your browser to confirm that you’re on our official, secure site. The https:// and padlock icon in the address bar also confirms your information is secured. We never publicly display, sell, or rent your or your reference's personal information such as full name, phone number, and email address.
How do I delete my account?
To request closure of your account, just send us an email to ask@ayiconnection.com and we will be able to assist you with your request right away.
Do you have a sample contract for caregivers or maternity nannies?
Yes we do! Please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com to request a sample.
What does concierge service mean?
We received many questions from families on which caregivers/nannies they should select and the concern about the success factor. Now no more worries. With the Platinum membership, you will be assigned with a case manager to ensure the success of finding and hiring someone. We will provide 1 - 5 profiles of our recommended elite caregivers that we have done the legwork on. These elite caregivers are pre-screened and they are complied with the following: 1. Identity validation (Documents have been checked, and also conducted a face-to-face screening to ensure they are who they say they are); 2. At least 2 year of working experience; 3. Background checked; 4. Reviews available from previous families; 5. Open to receive immunization shots or provide health records; 6. Contact info is validated and accessible. Please note this list is only for select areas, but as we expand to other areas we will roll out the options.
Do you engage with other language caregivers?
We will if there is enough demand in the area. Please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com with your interest.
How do we get more cities added?
If you don't see your cities listed on the site, please let us know via ask@ayiconnection.com. We started with a few concentrated cities for easy to search purposes and are open to add more if needed.
I am not from the US. Can I apply to the job?
Yes, you can as long as you have the right type of work permit. If you're located in a country that we aren't currently available, please let us know by emailing us at ask@ayiconnection.com.
Do you screen all of caregivers / nannies on your platform?
We use a few methods to provide a fair and reliable platform. A few key measurements we put in place, including authenticating email and phone, displaying background check results upon completion. We also provide preliminary screening services for our customers. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective candidates to validate their experience and skillsets meet your family’s needs.
Do you offer a partnership or promotion of businesses?
Yes, absolutely. Please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com to discuss more.
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