What is AyiConnection?
AyiConnection is a marketplace that connects families with qualified and affordable providers through an online platform via self-serve or our concierge service. AyiConnection offers family services in child care, senior care, domestic care and learning. Families can quickly connect and book providers through their offered activities. Our mission is to make care and jobs accessible to anyone anywhere.
Why do you call it AyiConnection?
Ayi, 阿姨, is a respectful way that Chinese families call their caregivers. Our marketplace started with a need to source mandarin speaking caregivers, it then evolved into other areas. Our mission has never changed, which is to make jobs accessible to anyone, including those from underserved communities.
How does AyiConnection work?
AyiConnection offers two ways to connect with providers: self service and concierge service. With self service, you can post a job and book a provider’s activity based on your availability and requirements. With concierge service, we will help you cut through the noise by doing the hard work and recommending a few pre-screened providers that fit your schedule and requirements. All you need to do is be available for scheduled interviews and book the provider of your choice.
What type of activities can a provider offer?
A provider can offer various activities including childcare, senior care, house care, learning and other family assistance. They can provide virtual or in person activities, such as live-in nannying/sitting, at home daycare, companion care, errands, teaching/tutoring, or pick-up/drop-off. Providers have the option to create any activities based on their skill sets and availability.
Can we interview providers before booking them?
We highly encourage you to contact our providers through our chat before booking. You can also view our interview notes and try them out through our booking system.
How are providers' rates determined?
Providers set their own rates based on their skills and experience. AyiConnection does not set the rates. However, providers have the option to allow families to offer and negotiate rates based on their budget.
Can we pay providers directly?
Providers will be paid through our payment system. Please note that AyiConnection can only offer dispute resolution services to those who have made use of our system. Please do not give your provider any cash or payment for the booking. We will not be able to resolve it for you if there is a dispute. If payment is taken outside of the system, we reserve the right to remove any users.
Are we responsible for paying taxes?
Once you hire a household provider, the provider will become your employee. The family is responsible for provider’s compensation. As we are unable to provide legal or tax advice on payment, please consult a tax accountant or attorney for more information about provider compensation.
What is the activity booking cancellation policy if I am not happy with the result?
We are sorry to hear that. Cancellation is according to the provider’s policy. We would recommend you work with your provider on cancellation. Any questions you can send an email to ask@ayiconnection.com.
What type of platform fees does AyiConnection charge?
To ensure serious and secure transactions and our members’ safety, we charge a low priced membership to contact our providers. We also charge a service fee for booking in order to cover our administration fees. Depending on your membership, the % varies. Please view pricing in your profile to learn more.
What is your refund policy on AyiConnection fees?
As per our Terms of Service all subscriptions automatically renew and both subscription and our booking fees are considered non-refundable unless agreed upon with your providers. However, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time directly through your account Settings.
Do you screen all providers on your platform?
We use a few methods to provide a fair and reliable platform. A few key measurements we put in place, including authenticating email and phone, displaying background check results upon completion. We also provide concierge screening services for our customers - this may include screening of background checks, ID verification, reference checks, which are documented in our interview notes. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective candidates to validate their experience and skillsets meet your family’s needs. We also recommend you to perform additional checks before the final hire. You can purchase a background check through us.
What level of background checks do you perform on your providers?
The providers with background checks complete will display the badge of “background checked”. When the background check is performed, it means the provider will go through an identification verification, addresses on file, a check on criminal record and sex offender search. It also searches numerous terrorist, criminal and regulatory watch lists for the potential provider's name. The check also searches on a multi-jurisdictional database of criminal records that certain localities across the country choose to provide. Please note that these checkers may be pertaining to federal, state and local law, and that the availability of criminal record information varies. Background checks may not be 100% accurate and my not reveal the entirety of a potential provider's criminal or sex offender history.
For families - When do I get charged?
We charge your selected form of payment as soon as an activity is booked. Please note we will not release the payment until the activity is delivered. If any issue arises, please contact us at ask@ayiconnection.com.
Why was I billed twice?
If you have been billed twice by accident, please reach out to our Support team at ask@ayiconnection.com as soon as possible. They will be able to issue a refund for the duplicate payment. Please do not dispute the duplication as it will take longer to process through review.
How are payments handled?
Payments are made directly through AyiConnection. We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover).
I did not receive my activity; what can I do?
We are sorry to hear that. In this case, you can either request to cancel the order, or reach out to the provider to resolve this. Alternative you can reach out to our support team to obtain a refund.
How can I leave feedback?
You can leave feedback directly on the provider's profile page once an activity is completed. Once a review is provided, it cannot be changed.
How do I report a family or a provider?
If you are experiencing an issue with a member on AyiConnection, please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com.
For providers - How do I get paid?
All booking payments are through AyiConnection. Once the activity is completed and family feedback is received, we will release the payment via your choice of payment as soon as possible. It can take a few hours to a couple days.
What are warnings?
In order to keep our members as safe as possibly, we need to ensure quality standards and expectations are followed. If you are not respectful to and violate our terms of service, we will give you a warning. If you have more than 2 warnings, we reserve the right to take action on your account.
How do I make sure my information is safe?
We monitor our platform regularly to ensure no online scams are conducted. We would never share your information unless it is instructed by you. You can also look for the green bar in front of the web address at the top of your browser to confirm that you’re on our official, secure site. The https:// and padlock icon in the address bar also confirms your information is secured. We never publicly display, sell, or rent your or your reference's personal information such as full name, phone number, and email address.
How do we know if the provider or family is real?
In addition to email/social network sign up, we require everyone who signs up on our platform to verify their phone number to show that the person is real and has an active phone number to communicate with others. We also perform a regular review of the accounts to ensure the quality and safety of our users.
How can I delete my account?
To request your account to be closed, please send an email to ask@ayiconnection.com and we will immediately help process your request.
Do you engage with providers that speak other languages?
We will if there is enough demand in the area. Please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com with your interest.
How do we get more cities added?
If you don't see your cities listed on the site, please let us know via ask@ayiconnection.com. We started with a few concentrated cities for easy to search purposes and are open to add more if needed.
I am not from the US. Can I apply for the job?
Yes, you can as long as you have the right type of work permit. If you're located in a country that we aren't currently available, please let us know by emailing us at ask@ayiconnection.com.
Do you offer a partnership or promotion of businesses?
Yes, absolutely. Please email us at ask@ayiconnection.com to discuss more.
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