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Live-In Home Care for Elderly 老人住家护理

Must speak English or Chinese, be willing to move into our home. Our 96 year old mother is in good general health but cannot live alone. Needs help bathing, getting dressed, meal prep and more. Need someone to help around the clock. We will not expect you to take her to doctor appointments or anywhere. We will do that. We need someone who is patient and kind. Someone who loves their job of helping the elderly. 必须会说英文或中文,愿意搬进我们家。 我们 96 岁的母亲身体健康,但不能独自生活。 需要帮助洗澡、穿衣、准备膳食等等。 需要有人全天候提供帮助。 我们不会期望您带她去看医生或去任何地方。 我们会这样做。 我们需要一个耐心和善良的人。 一个热爱帮助老人的工作的人。

Job Type
Senior Care
Desired Living
$3500 per Month
6 day(s) per week
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