Anyone looking for a part-time gig to engage with our kids/ 任何寻找兼职演出与我们的孩子互动的人

Hi! We are looking for a Nanny, Sitter for our family. This position is in Parker, TX,, live out, 5 Days per week, 4 Hours Per Day, rate $15 Per Hour, Flexible. The ideal candidate needs to speak English, prefer to have Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Cantonese, and can care for Preschooler, Grade Schooler, Simple housework, Transportation and have a car. We would love that you also have references and a good way to engage with our boys. Please apply to the job to learn more about us! Looking forward to meeting you! 你好!我们正在为我们的家庭寻找保姆,位于德克萨斯州帕克。不住家,每天四个小时,工资是每小时 15 美元,理想的候选人需要会说英语,普通话或粤语。可以照顾学龄前儿童,小学生,并且可以做一些简单的家务,必须有车才能运输。 我们希望您也有参考资料和与我们男孩互动的好方法。请申请工作以了解更多关于我们的信息!期待与您见面!

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
Live out
$15 per Hour
2022-03-13 — TBD
5 day(s) per week
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