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Nanny Tutor English Cantonese Staten Island, NY 保姆家教 英语 广东话 纽约州史坦顿岛

Location Staten Island, NY Languages Must be bilingual in English and Cantonese. Both Children speak both Cantonese and English (as they are learning English in school.) Mom speaks mostly Cantonese and is learning English now. Our Family We are looking for an after school part-time nanny / tutor to look after our sweet and beautiful children, aged 4 & 6 years for 5 per week, Monday through Friday. (Who love everything PRINCESS!). The usual hours would be between 3:30pm – 5:30pm. We are seeking a long-term placement for this position. Your Duties This position requires the nanny to be in sole charge of our energetic children providing care, tutoring, activities, and supervision afterschool. You must be patient, show empathy, care, and appreciate the challenges that these formative years have on a child. Also, you will need to advise Mom in Cantonese of any challenges you feel need to be addresses and discussed. Our Perfect Caregiver Our perfect nanny MUST LOVE KIDS and have at least 2 years’ experience in a caring role where they were in sole charge of more than one child. 地点 斯坦顿岛, 纽约 语言 必须掌握英语和粤语的双语。 两个孩子都会说粤语和英语(因为他们在学校学习英语)。妈妈主要说粤语,现在正在学习英语。 我们的家庭 我们正在寻找一个放学后的兼职保姆/家教来照顾我们可爱而美丽的孩子,4岁和6岁,每周5天,周一到周五。(他们喜欢所有的公主!)。通常的时间是下午3:30-5:30。 我们正在为这个职位寻找一个长期的安置。 你的职责 这个职位要求保姆单独负责我们精力充沛的孩子,提供照顾、辅导、活动和课后监督。你必须有耐心,表现出同理心,关心并理解这些成长时期对孩子的挑战。 同时,你需要用粤语向妈妈提出你认为需要解决和讨论的任何挑战。 我们的完美护理员 我们的完美保姆必须热爱孩子,并有至少2年的照顾孩子的经验,他们曾独自负责一个以上的孩子。

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
Live out
$20 per Hour
5 day(s) per week
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