Job Profile

Looking for part-time nanny and/or confinement nanny 寻找兼职保姆和/或月嫂

We are looking for a part-time nanny with a flexible schedule to help care for our toddler. The commitment would be 1-2 days per week at a maximum. We are also looking for a confinement nanny to assist us after the birth of our second child in April 2023. If you can do both jobs that is a plus! 我们正在寻找一个时间灵活的兼职保姆来帮助照顾我们蹒跚学步的孩子。 承诺最多为每周 1-2 天。 2023 年 4 月我们的第二个孩子出生后,我们也在寻找一名坐月子保姆来协助我们。 如果你能同时做这两项工作,那就太好了!

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
Live out
$35 per Hour
5 day(s) per week
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