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Full-Time Nanny in Greenwich

Private family in Greenwich Connecticut is looking for a professional nanny to care for their child. Nannies responsibilities will be to manage all things related to the child, to work hand-in-hand with parents to ensure everyone is on the same page. Nanny must have extensive knowledge of developmental milestones and ability to create and stick to the child’s schedule. Healthy eating is important to this family and the nannies are responsible for helping round out the child’s diet with introduction to new healthy foods. Nanny must be engaged while taking them to school classes, outings and age appropriate activities and will be responsible for the bedtime and bath. Routine travel is expected and Nanny needs to be passport ready. While the family has housekeepers, Nanny will be responsible for normal child-related laundry, cleaning up children’s dishes, organizing the rooms, clothes and toys Letting parents know when they have outgrown toys and clothes and storing the old toys and clothes appropriately. Family has a small poodle, and the family expects the nanny to be able to help out occasionally with the dog when parents are working.

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
$74000 per Year
5 day(s) per week
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