Looking for a Nanny on 05/20/2024

A bilingual family of three is looking for a live-in nanny to take care of the children and cook a little (two dishes a day). $200 a day, negotiable. ********** days a week, but there is a lot of time to rest when the children go to school all day from Monday to Friday (8-5). The nanny lives in her own room and uses the same bathroom as the children. We live in the most prosperous neighborhood in the capital of Puerto Rico. Many wealthy American citizens come here to live because of tax benefits. Travel, oil, and immigration policies are exactly the same as those in the United States. We live in a luxury apartment with a spare swimming pool and gym, high-tech dishwasher, shopping delivered to home, and never outages. There are fresh Chinese vegetables and Chinese goods. Schools, children's parks, stores, and hospitals are all within 300 meters. The nanny must have a legal job in the United States. Mandarin/English family looking for live-in nanny to take care of 3 year old and light cooking for family (2 dishes per day). $200 a day (flexible). 7 days a week but child goes to school 8-5pm, so a lot of time to rest. Nanny will have own bedroom/bathroom. Live in best neighborhood in Puerto Rico, where many rich US citizens live because of tax benefits. Travel, mail and immigration policy is same as any other US state. Nanny has her own room and shares bathroom with child. Luxury apartment building with pool, gym, dishwasher, supermarket delivery, full backup power/water. Fresh Chinese grocery available. School, children’s park, best stores and hospital all 300 meters or less away. Must have authorization to work in USA.

Job Type
Child Care
Desired Living
Live in
$200 per Day
2024-05-20 — TBD
7 day(s) per week
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