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Looking for adult babysitter (诚聘成人保姆)

I am looking for care for a 40-year-old male. He suffered a traumatic brain injury over 20 yrs ago. this will be very similar as if you were watching a toddler age boy. He likes to play with toys color watch cartoons etc. the days and hours are flexible and we could work around your existing schedule. What fees do you charge are you comfortable with changing diapers he is in diapers full-time 我正在寻找一位保姆照顾一位40岁男性的。 他在20多年前遭受了创伤性脑损伤。 这将非常相似你正在看一个蹒跚学步的年龄男孩。 他喜欢玩玩具颜色的手表卡通等。日子和时间都很灵活,我们可以解决你现有的日程安排。 他全天候使用尿布。让我知道你的收费是多少。

Job Type
Senior Care
Desired Living
Live out
Houston, TX, USA
$25 per Hour
3 day(s) per week
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