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Looking for Nanny-tutor (诚聘保姆-家教)

Hello, I am looking for a Chinese girl who speak mandarin as native language (not Cantonese) to play and interact with my 2 daughters. My kids have been learning mandarin through this method for 4 years already! Person must like kids and needs to be in charge only of kids and their activities. Thank you (我正在寻找一个说普通话作为母语(不是广东话)的中国女孩,与我的两个女儿玩耍并互动。 我的孩子已经通过这种方法学习普通话已有4年了! 这个人必须喜欢孩子,只需要负责孩子及其活动。 谢谢)

Job Type
Family Assistance
Desired Living
Miami, FL, USA
$15 per Hour
ASAP — 2019-12-31
3 day(s) per week
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