Job Profile

American Family Looking for Chinese Teacher (Needs Relocation) (美国家庭找中文导师(需要搬迁))

In order to create a Chinese environment for the children in the family, only the children need to be taught Chinese. No need to look at children or housework. 5 to 6 days a week. flexible time. Simple English requires, preferably can drive. 为让家里小孩创造一个中文环境,只需要教家中小孩们中文。不用看小孩或家务。一周5到六天。时间灵活。提供每月租金钱。外州OK。简单英文,最好能开车。

Job Type
Family Assistance
Desired Living
Live out
Chicago, IL, USA
$20 per Hour
2020-12-09 — TBD
6 day(s) per week
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