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My cousin has pulled a muscle in Seattle and need someone to take care of her表妹在西雅图肌肉拉伤,需要生活料理人员

诚征善良,耐心,会烹饪的阿姨照料需平躺静养3个月的表妹。希望可以做饭,简单清洁,提供照料陪伴的阿姨。急需!非常感谢!薪资可谈!待遇从优! Looking for a nanny who is kind and patient to take care of the cousin who needs to bed rest for 3 months. We're looking for someone who can cook, do simple house works, provide care and companionship. This is urgently needed. Thank you! Salary is negotiable! competitive offer.

Job Type
Senior Care
Desired Living
Seattle, WA, USA
$17 per Hour
7 day(s) per week
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