Job Profile

Looking for stay-in nanny. NY Forest hills 纽约森林小丘诚聘住家保姆

There are a total of 3 people in the household (with 1 month baby). We're looking for someone who can cook, do easy house cleaning and take care of the baby. Stay in is preferred. We're hoping to find someone who has experience taking care of a baby. 家里一共三口人(1个月大的宝宝),希望阿姨负责做饭以及简单卫生,还有帮忙照顾孩子。住家优先。 希望有照顾宝宝经验,靠谱的阿姨联系,谢谢!

Job Type
Home Care
Desired Living
Live in
Flushing, NY, USA
$120 per Day
2020-04-20 — TBD
6 day(s) per week
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