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Looking for weekly house cleaner in San Mateo 征长期家政人员

Looking for a long term helper to clean my house once a week (cleaning the floors, bathrooms, dishes, clothes). The house is a one story 3 bed 2 bath house. I have a dog and two cats, if needed I can put them in a room before hand. The estimated amount of time would be ~3 hours every week, once a week. The specific time is flexible. 您好!我现在在寻找一个长期的家政人员, 帮忙每周一次的打扫卫生(扫地拖地,洗衣,清扫卫生间之类的)。估计时间一周三个小时,每周一次。具体时间可以到时候商量。 我家养了一只柴犬和两只猫,如果需要的话我可以在打扫时间把狗放后院里,和猫放在房间里。

Job Type
Home Care
Desired Living
Live out
San Mateo, CA, USA
$18 per Hour
2 day(s) per week
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