Prior to founding Sidecar Health, our team connected more than 30 million people with a health insurance plan through a leading consumer destination site for health insurance.

We saw consumers were unhappy with their plan options. Many consumers experienced unexpected out-of-pocket costs and struggled to understand insurance jargon around what their plan covers. Most importantly, most consumers we talked to felt their health plans were unaffordable.

So we created Sidecar Health.

Our values

We built Sidecar Health around four core values:


We saw that insurance can sometimes be unaffordable, so we created a means for doctors to get paid directly, which translates to lower costs.**


We saw that people were frustrated when they had to buy a plan that didn’t necessarily work for them, so we came up with personalized plans that meet every need and budget.


We saw there was a lack of transparency around costs, so we made it easy to see exactly what your plan will pay before you see the doctor.


We saw that people were stuck seeing only certain doctors or faced with paying out-of-network fees, so we designed our plans to work with any doctor.

We’re on a mission to make health care affordable.

The Affordable Care Act provided millions of people with affordable health insurance. But there are many who still can’t afford an ACA plan and are resorting to alternative insurance plans that are less expensive but lack adequate coverage. Our plans cover any health care service and prescription drug that is medically necessary and, because members pay providers at the time they get care, our plans save members 40% on monthly cost.

And change the way people think about their health care

Think of shopping for health care like you would treat buying a car. You wouldn’t buy a new car without knowing what it costs first and shopping around. So why do most people not think twice about receiving health care without knowing the cost, and getting the bill much later? We don’t think this is fair, and neither should you. We believe in shopping around, comparing prices and reviews, and choosing a health care provider based on needs and budget. And we provide the tools our members need to make educated decisions about their health care, including knowing what their plan pays for a visit.

Plain and simple, Sidecar Health puts you in the driver’s seat for your health care.

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