Helper Profile

曹婉茗 a

$3500 per Month

Female, 62 years old

曹婉茗 a

62 years old


$3500 per Month
Addison, Texas, USA
Experience (Years)
10 (Taken Care of 7 kids / 0 seniors)
Fluently spoken language(s)
English, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese
Child Care
Nanny, Sitter, Postpartum Nanny
Senior Care
Patient Caregiver
Domestic Care
Cook, Cleaner, Housekeeper
  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Family Assist
  • Learning
  • Nanny
  • Sitter
  • Postpartum Nanny
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Patient Caregiver
  • Cook
  • Cleaner
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Assistant
  • Language Tutor
  • Art/Music/Science
  • Health/Wellness
  • Has Driver License
  • Has Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
Reviews (2)
  • In general we feel that she is more into socializing/chatting and food than doing house work. The house has been very messy since she arrived. The only elements that have really been cleaned have been the items requested by my mother. Yesterday we all went for covid testing from 8am-10:30am; then she took a rest from 12-2pm. From 2-8pm not much was done. My husband described it as “she was just floating around”. She was only in the kitchen for the most part or in her room. We ate at 8pm and she retired to her room leaving all the food out. My mom asked her to put the food away and she refused. This morning I came down and the table was greasy and clearly dirty. She was in the kitchen again preparing food. I asked her if she could move to the other side of the kitchen because she was blocking the coffee machine and she confronted me by saying “I don’t mind working late but I don’t like your mothers attitude”We just feel that she is very moody, not an efficient worker. I think she is lonely and wants to be around people which is why she talks a lot. But right now we need someone who is more actively helping keeping the house in order, not causing drama. We don’t expect her to cook every meal and we did give her time to rest. She doesn’t seem to know or like to do house work but takes the time to chat to everyone about her own family and ability to cook for 30 people, when the house is very messy. We feel that the priorities are not in the right order.
    2023-03-29 20:35:24
  • 曹婉茗is a very nice and helpful lady. She always well prepared for the kids and responsibilities for the work. She always made the place clean and very patients with the kids. I would like to recommend.
    2021-09-06 15:54:21
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