Helper Profile

月嫂小英 李

$30 per Hour

Female, 53 years old

月嫂小英 李

53 years old


$30 per Hour
Harris County, Texas, United States
Experience (Years)
7 (Taken Care of 55 kids / 1 seniors)
Fluently spoken language(s)
Chinese Mandarin
Child Care
Postpartum Nanny
  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Family Assist
  • Learning
  • Nanny
  • Sitter
  • Postpartum Nanny
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Patient Caregiver
  • Cook
  • Cleaner
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Assistant
  • Language Tutor
  • Art/Music/Science
  • Health/Wellness
  • Has Driver License
  • Has Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
Reviews (2)
  • Auntie Li was leaving in two weeks at my house, so I was very reluctant. This is my second child. I have hired a confinement sister-in-law before and I have also found many child-rearing sister-in-law. Auntie Li is the most professional and best I have ever met. During the first pregnancy, the milk was blocked several times. This time, I was fortunate to invite Aunt Li. She helped to massage and pass the milk. Not only did it not block once, but the amount of milk was sufficient. My aunt's cooking is better than many Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles. From the north to the south, big plate chicken, taro chicken, steamed pork ribs, steamed buns, dumplings, sesame paste cakes, and all kinds of cakes. She also helps my family's Dabao to adjust his diet. Aunt Li has a gentle personality and gets along well with my family and Dabao. She often sings and tells stories to her children. We are especially grateful to have met Auntie Li
    2022-05-26 10:52:23
  • Auntie has just come from my family and hired a sister-in-law for the first time. Auntie is very professional in taking care of the baby. The knowledge about the newborn baby is basically the same as the information we got from the pediatrician. 2. Auntie always puts the mother and baby first, for example, she will bring the rice to my bedroom and remind me to blow my hair and put on slippers, etc. We can feel that Auntie really cares about the baby and the mother. 3. Auntie cooks all kinds of soups and snacks, and cooks my favorite food as much as she can because I love pasta. 4. auntie is cheerful and funny Although this job is very tiring, but every time I see auntie is full of energy and can see that auntie has many years of experience All of our baby-related products auntie can use without reading the manual
    2022-05-26 10:51:50
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