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$30 per Hour
Accepting Job

Female, 37 years old


37 years old


$30 per Hour
Accepting Job
New York County, New York, United States
Experience (Years)
7 (Taken Care of 65 kids / 0 seniors)
Fluently spoken language(s)
Chinese Mandarin
Child Care
Nanny, Sitter, Postpartum Nanny
Domestic Care
Cook, Cleaner, Housekeeper
  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Family Assist
  • Learning
  • Nanny
  • Sitter
  • Postpartum Nanny
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Patient Caregiver
  • Cook
  • Cleaner
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Assistant
  • Language Tutor
  • Art/Music/Science
  • Health/Wellness
  • Has Driver License
  • Has Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
Reviews (3)
  • I was fortunate to have 子墨as our confinement lady. She was with us this past February and we even extended her help by 5 days. She is highly professional and is very experienced with taking care of both the mother (myself) and our baby. To summarize: - She was a great cook. We love the dishes that she cooks; well balanced diet with alot of vegetables. Not too sweet or saltish which is great for my personal taste. - She also made a lot of soups to help with boosting my breast milk supply, which was much appreciated - Even brought me foot soak medicinal packs (without charging me for them) which she prepared for me every night - Also very experienced with taking care of our baby. Taught us how to clean and wash our baby and how to take care of her delicate butt, which was prone to butt rash. Our personal choice and preference was to take care of the baby mostly by ourselves in the day, but had her be taken care of by 子墨 at night, which she did a great job of, and never once complained about being tired even when our baby kept her up for long hours at times - She was very efficient in handling various tasks, including cooking and cleaning up after meals We are thankful for her help as first time parents!
    2022-05-23 12:35:12
  • Come and give Sister Zimo a big compliment! I gave birth to my baby by caesarean section in March. Sister Zimo took good care of her in the hospital for a few days and then went home together. As soon as she entered the door, she started to put the baby's things, boil the milk bottle, help me install the breast pump, etc.; then she began to eat light and non-greasy confinement meals every day + nutritious and oil-free soup, and boiled confinement water every day to help I remove lochia, and I cook foot soaking water with traditional Chinese medicine bags every day; she is very good at doing things and scheduling time. She washes and airs my breast pump and feeding bottle anytime, anywhere, and makes nutritious breakfast and rich lunch and dinner every day. That's why I don't like takeout anymore :) The most important thing is that she takes care of the baby very, very carefully. Every time she washes her butt and wipes her ointment, she shakes and burps after feeding, sometimes the baby can't be coaxed by crying. Obediently stared at her affectionately. . Bathing the baby is also efficient and clean, and the baby is also very enjoyable to apply oil and exhaust to the baby~ and she is also very powerful in breastfeeding. I blocked it twice and she gave me breastfeeding, and then the lump became smaller + the milk flowed smoothly. Her asking price is very transparent, she insists on scientific confinement, and there is no red envelope or extra breastfeeding fee. The confinement maids interviewed before are all high-priced breastfeeding on a monthly basis. . . A few days after she was about to leave the household, I started to feel sad. I felt very lucky to have Sister Zimo to take care of her. She is also a very smart and wise person, and the whole month is very happy. I'm an engineering girl, and my literary talent is average. I feel that there are still many good things about her that have not been expressed in detail. If I need a recommendation from a previous employer, I choose "No Reservation Five-Star Recommendation"!
    2022-05-23 12:34:37
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