Helper Profile

Alyssa a

$20 per Hour

Female, 49 years old

Alyssa a

49 years old


$20 per Hour
Houston, TX, USA
Experience (Years)
5 (Taken Care of 3 kids / 0 seniors)
Fluently spoken language(s)
English, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese
Child Care
  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Family Assist
  • Learning
  • Nanny
  • Sitter
  • Postpartum Nanny
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Patient Caregiver
  • Cook
  • Cleaner
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Assistant
  • Language Tutor
  • Art/Music/Science
  • Health/Wellness
  • Has Driver License
  • Has Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
Reviews (1)
  • She’s a nice person and is willing to help. Her priorities are not focused on taking care of the kids. She also lacks a sense of common sense and attention to detail. Examples below respectively. Ex. She gave my daughter something to drink from our fridge from an unmarked bottle filled with white liquid. She said she tried it before hand, but I was trying to tell her She should not ever give a child anything from an unmarked bottle And that if she is unsure she Should check with the parent. Ex. She did not know how old the girls were, and she called my daughter the wrong name on her third day… it’s like a lack of effort? Her mannerism was also not a good fit, a little abrasive. And loud like she yelled over a crying baby where I feel like a baby needs is love and care when baby is having a hard time. On mannerism, on her first day when I was trying to give her a tour of the house, she walked ahead of me, and was exploring our home on her own, the point of me giving a house tour to help out to give guidance on Where are things are and Help with the transition. It’s something small, but it tells a lot about the person’s personality. First day, I had her shadow, my mom, this not go well as she barely helped with the girls. So I gave her more specific instructions on the day she watched the girls (today) to try something different, and I found her to be very inefficient with her time and did not prioritize well. I feel like for the work that was being done and she was more like a $14-$17 an hour worker. She tried to tidy up, but did not tidy the children belongings, she did help wipe down the countertops and wipe the ground. She did help vacuum, But at one point, we would rather her not help vacuum, or wipe the ground, because she was so heavy-handed with our furniture and damaging the walls with the vacuum cleaner. So essentially, she was causing more damage than helping. Same thing with our bidet. I appreciate the effort but if she were to damage anything it would cost way more. This goes back to attention to detail of not handling things so abrasively. - C. Ma
    2024-02-06 19:19:10
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