Helper Profile

Serena C

$30 per Hour
Accepting Job

Female, 54 years old

Serena C

54 years old


$30 per Hour
Accepting Job
Los Angeles County, California, United States
Experience (Years)
6 (Taken Care of 4 kids / 0 seniors)
Fluently spoken language(s)
English, Chinese Mandarin
Child Care
  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Family Assist
  • Learning
  • Nanny
  • Sitter
  • Postpartum Nanny
  • Daycare Teacher
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Patient Caregiver
  • Cook
  • Cleaner
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Assistant
  • Language Tutor
  • Art/Music/Science
  • Health/Wellness
  • Has Driver License
  • Has Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
Reviews (1)
  • The interview did not go well with Serena. She put a lot of focus on getting paid $25 per hour. I mentioned to her that I would like to meet her in person so I can see her character, demeanor, etc. She replied, "I could do a PAID 3-hour trial for you". I do not understand why she will not do a face-to-face interview. When I mentioned if she is flexible and could start at 7:00 am, she replied that the "baby is very active at 7:00 am. I deserve to get paid more because he will be very active. If I start at 8:00 am, the baby will not be that active." That is a very odd response to me. She is paid to help me with the baby. My instinct told me that she was not the right fit. After the phone interview, it confirmed that she is definitely not the right fit for my baby and family.
    2023-06-11 22:22:06
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