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Steps for Looking for Nannies Close to You
  • Search candidates by childcare experience, pay rate, background check, response time and more.
  • Check nannies profiles include videos, qualifications & parent reviews.
  • Review candidates and schedule online interview, then conduct trials and finalize booking.

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  • Helpers with infant experience
  • Helpers that speak Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
  • Helpers that can cook or drive
  • Helpers experienced with multiple kids
  • Helpers that can do simple house keeping and chores
  • Helpers that are verified with background checks

FAQs for finding Nanny

Are nannies background checked?

We recommend all helpers including nannies on AyiConnect to complete an annual background check, especially when they first sign up with us. For the helpers who have completed this background check through our certified third party provider, their profiles will display a badge indicating that the background check is completed. We also provide an option for the helpers to self report if they choose not to run a background check through us but have recently completed a background check. In this case, the background check badge will display that it is a “self reported” check.

We ask our families to perform additional due diligence if engaged through self-service, as we strive to provide so much useful information for families to assist families’ decision making. We highly recommend you interview the helpers first via call or video call, check references if available, and run a background check through us should the helper display a “self reported” badge.

How much will it cost to hire a nanny?

To hire a nanny on AyiConnect, the average rate is $37 per hour. It is recommended to have a clear scope of work and hours before having a discussion with the nannies. Nannies usually have an expected salary based on their skills and years of relevant experiences, which are indicated on their profiles. The rate may require an adjustment if you need specialized skill-set or additional job requirements such as housekeeping and meal prepping are needed.

What types of nanny services can I find on AyiConnection.com?

We provide a wide variety of nannies with years of experience and level of skills. You can find nannies specialized in infant care such as maternity nannies (yuesao), or overnight nannies to help with your newborn or young babies while you sleep. We also have nannies who are experienced in caring from toddlers or teenagers, bilingual nannies such as a specialization in Chinese Mandarin, live-in nannies, and even temporary nannies who can help with your kids while you run errands or on vacation.

What to look for in a nanny?

Every family has different needs. The best way to start looking for the right fit is to scope out what your must-haves are. You may need the nanny to instill structures and routines in your baby’s daily life, teach a second language, or help with creative aspects. You may have other needs in the household that the nanny can help such as cooking or cleaning. This will also help plan for your budget based on the responsibilities and the hours you need. From there, you will have a better conversation with your prospects.

We also ask our families to take the references with a grain of salt since one family’s perfect nanny might not be perfect for you because every family’s needs vary.

What should I ask a nanny during an interview?

Before a nanny’s interview, we recommend you and your family members (if interviewing together) to align on the important factors for your loved ones. Based on the outline, you can focus your interview questions appropriately, such as their experience level, age group familiarity, style of childcare, communication preferences, training, additional skills, and payment expectations. Be sure to also listen tentatively to what they share with you. Some nannies might not be the best interviewees, but they turn out to be very reliable. In this situation, it would be great if you could get some references. We highly recommend to also schedule a paid trial following an interview to assess the candidate further, especially in the situation references are not available. This is a great way to find out if the nanny is a good match with your family in terms of personality and working style.

What is the alternative to manually searching for nanny?

AyiConnect Concierge Service is the best suitable for families who are busy professionals who don't have time to search for a caregiver of your loved ones, or need translation assistance. With a concierge discovery call, we learn more about your needs. Then we will turn them into an attractive job description and screen the applicants to match your requirements. We listen to feedback from our concierge clients and adjust our filtering process. That is why we achieved a 99% of success matching rate and 4.8 rating from TrustPilot.

What is the difference between a nanny agency and AYI Connect concierge service?

Our concierge service provides 1:1 dedicated service to our busy families, who need professional assistance to help screen, match and engage. We spend tremendous time upfront in order to curate a list of targeted candidates. Our focus is not on the quantity, but the quality of the candidates. By the time the candidates are presented, they should be at least 80% if not completely matching to families' requirements. Most of our families are able to select our candidates to move to the next stage for interviews and trials, subsequently finalize the hire. Depending on the package families selected, we also provide post-hire support, in case the candidate doesn't meet the long term expectation.

We cover the areas of child care, senior care, domestic care and other services nationally, which allows us to source from various places to make sure they are the right fit. Our goal is to provide more job opportunities, therefore we don't charge the 20-30% of nanny agency fees; instead, we charge an one-time upfront search fee. To ensure our quality of families, we always conduct a discovery call to algin our families with our mission and value. We strive to be transparent with our families to ensure a smooth collaboration. If you are interested in our concierge service, schedule a discovery call here.