Available Nannies Assistance in NY

Steps for Looking for Nannies
  • Search candidates by childcare experience, pay rate, background check, response time and more.
  • Check New York nannies profiles include videos, qualifications & parent reviews.
  • Review candidates and schedule online interview, then conduct trials and finalize booking.

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  • Helpers with infant experience
  • Helpers that speak Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
  • Helpers that can cook or drive
  • Helpers experienced with multiple kids
  • Helpers that can do simple house keeping and chores
  • Helpers that are verified with background checks

FAQs for finding Nanny in NY

What type of nanny services can I find in , NY?

On AyiConnect, you can find various types of nanny services in , New York. There are nannies who are bilingual in different languages such as Mandarin Chinese, nannies who specialized in newborn and infant care (Yuesao or maternity nannies), nannies that only help with kids overnight (night nannies), and nannies who are looking for a live-in arrangement. You can search for full-time or part-time nannies with different experience levels to find the one that fits your family’s needs.

How much does it cost to hire a nanny in , NY?

The average cost to hire a nanny in , New York on AyiConnect is $104 per hour. Nannies determine their expected salary based on their experience level, their skills such as cooking, bilingualism and the location they are in. The cost may increase if there are more kids, additional job requirements, longer hours, specialized skills, and travel required. It is recommended to have a specific list of tasks and a schedule to talk with the nannies to align on expectations and discuss reasonable salary.

How can I find a nanny in , NY?

To find a nanny in , New York, you can first visit AyiConnect. Based on your location, it will populate a list of nannies that are close to you. You can then review their key information on the card and select the ones that you are interested in learning more about her background. If you are interested in connecting further, you can initiate a chat session with her and schedule a voice or video interview session with her.