Available Child Care Assistance Close to Me

Steps for Looking for Child Care Close to You
  • Search candidates by childcare experience, pay rate, background check, response time and more.
  • Check candidates profiles include videos, qualifications & parent reviews.
  • Review candidates and schedule online interview, then conduct trials and finalize booking.

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  • Background checked helpers
  • CPR-trained helpers
  • Helpers that speak Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
  • Helpers experienced with multiples
  • Helpers with infant experience
  • Helpers with a vehicle and can drive

FAQs for finding Child Care

How can I find someone to provide child care for my kids?

First outline what you look for from a candidate before starting your search. This includes your budget, the level of experience you wish them to have, if a particular language spoken is required such as mandarin, if first-aid certifications are important, and if you need them to handle additional duties such as meal prep in addition to caring for your kids. Once you go through this exercise, create an account on AyiConnection, a bilingual care platform, and answer a few questions to find child care providers that match your needs. You can then either post a job based on your requirements that can be seen by our extensive pool of providers, or search for child care providers on AyiConnection based on years of experience, hourly rate, availability, location, etc. After you have selected your candidates, you can schedule interviews, check references, request additional background checks, and hire the child care provider that best meets the needs of your family. If you are a busy professional that needs our reliable assistant to find you a few fitting and elite candidates, you can engage us through our concierge service, which we provide a high-touch service to ensure a success rate.

What is the average rate to hire a child care?

The rate to hire a childcare helper largely depends on a few factors: your location, your work requirements, language spoken, living arrangement, and the helper’s years of experience. On average, it is about 37 per hour (July, 2024) on AyiConnection.com for a regular full-time one to two kids’ situation. The rate may increase when you need the childcare helper to help with cooking, housework, overnight care, or look after additional children in the household.

Is it safe to hire a child care provider during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic, AyiConnect recommends families confirm with care providers directly about their health condition and be upfront about their house rules and preferences during interviews. Care providers including child care providers are highly encouraged to be open to disclose with families what practices they are comfortable with. Every family and care provider should also familiarize yourselves with the CDC safety information before work begins. With our concierge service, we will ensure to screen around the provider’s family social network and off activities. COVID tests will be recommended to providers.

What is the alternative to manually searching for child care?

AyiConnect Concierge Service is the best suitable for families who are busy professionals who don't have time to search for a caregiver of your loved ones, or need translation assistance. With a concierge discovery call, we learn more about your needs. Then we will turn them into an attractive job description and screen the applicants to match your requirements. We listen to feedback from our concierge clients and adjust our filtering process. That is why we achieved a 99% of success matching rate and 4.8 rating from TrustPilot.
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