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Steps for Looking for Senior Care Close to You
  • Search candidates by senior care experience, pay rate, background check, response time and more.
  • Check candidates profiles include videos, qualifications & kids' reviews.
  • Review candidates and schedule online interview, then conduct trials and finalize booking.

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  • Background checked providers
  • CPR-trained providers
  • Providers that speak Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese
  • Providers experienced with multiples
  • Providers with infant experience
  • Providers with a vehicle and can drive

FAQs for finding Senior Care

What are my senior care options?

There are a few considerations when it comes to creating a care plan for an elder loved one. These are largely depending on the needs and wishes of the senior and their family. We have outlined a few options below.

1. In-home senior caregiver: It is the best suited for seniors who are mostly able, want to stay at home and just need a companion for daily activities while their children or loved ones are not around.
2. Senior transportation: it is best suited for those who just need someone to drive your loved ones as needed for errands or doctor appointments. Most in-home senior caregivers can provide this option if needed.
3. Nursing assistants: they can provide medical assistance in the comfort of the senior’s own home.
4. Assisted living facilities: it is a good option when it's more convenient to move the senior person into a monitored residence where they can receive assistance with their daily activities and socialize with other residents.
5. Nursing homes: this can provide long-term medical and personal care for an elder loved one who can't be cared for at home.

Are senior care providers background checked?

We recommend all helpers including senior caregivers on AyiConnect to complete an annual background check, especially when they first sign up with us. For the helpers who have completed this background check through our certified third party provider, their profiles will display a badge indicating that the background check is completed. We also provide an option for the helpers to self report if they choose not to run a background check through us but have recently completed a background check. In this case, the background check badge will display that it is a “self reported” check.
We ask our families to perform additional due diligence if engaged through self-service, as we strive to provide so much useful information for families to assist families’ decision making. We highly recommend you interview the helpers first via call or video call, check references if available, and run a background check through us should the helper display a “self reported” badge.

What services are included for senior care at home?

Besides companionship, most in-home caregivers can work with seniors around their daily activities, such as light daily exercises, getting around the house safely, taking them for walks and driving them to medical appointments or errands. Additionally, they can help with meal prep or cook, light housekeeping, and medication reminders. Depending on your needs, we also have caregivers who can assist with bathing, dressing, feeding, overnight watch, and light dementia care.

How much does in-home senior care cost?

The average cost to hire a caregiver on AyiConnect is [x] per hour. Caregivers determine their expected salary based on their experience level, training, their skills such as cooking, bilingualism and the location they are in. The cost may increase with additional services, longer hours, specialized skills, and travel required. It is recommended to have a specific list of tasks and a schedule to talk with the caregivers to align on expectations and discuss reasonable salary.

How can I find an in-home senior care provider?

After creating an account on AyiConnect, you will have two options: 1.post a job that can be seen by our large pool of senior caregivers; 2. you can search caregivers from our platform, based on years of experience, rate, availability, distance from your location, etc. You can either wait for them to apply to your job or invite the ones you are interested to apply to your job. Once you review the candidates, you can chat with them to learn more, schedule interviews, check references, request additional background checks, and trial them. If everything goes well as planned, you can hire the caregiver who best meets your needs.

What is the alternative to manually searching for senior care?

AyiConnect Concierge Service is the best suitable for families who are busy professionals who don't have time to search for a caregiver of your loved ones, or need translation assistance. With a concierge discovery call, we learn more about your needs. Then we will turn them into an attractive job description and screen the applicants to match your requirements. We listen to feedback from our concierge clients and adjust our filtering process. That is why we achieved a 99% of success matching rate and 4.8 rating from TrustPilot.
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