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7 Days / Week
$100 / day
Child Care in Plano, TX, USA
5 Days / Week
$110 / day
Child Care in Dallas, TX, USA
5 Days / Week
$110 / day
Looking for a responsible nanny 寻找一个负责任的保姆
Child Care in Allen, TX, USA
Could do some simple cooking and cleaning as needed; responsible and nice to take care of the kids; relatively flexible in rates and hours. 做一些简单的烹饪和清洁工作, 有责任心,照顾孩子很好, 相...
5 Days / Week
$160 / day
Child Care in San Mateo, CA, USA
5 Days / Week
$20 / hour
Babysitter needed 需要保姆
Child Care in Boston, MA, USA
Our baby daughter just turned 11 months and our current babysitter will become unavailable soon. We are looking for someone who can engage her during work hours (both my husband and I work from hom...
7 Days / Week
$140 / day
月嫂 Confinement Nanny
Child Care in Irvine, CA, USA
I live less than 10 minutes from Irvine, CA. Need a confinement nanny in February 2021 for a newborn baby. Must be experienced, clean and in good health. Can be full time (24 hours) or night nanny,...
5 Days / Week
$130 / week
Looking for a live in or live out nanny 通勤或住家保母
Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, USA
徵求愛小孩,愛乾淨,能夠尊重雇主教養方式的阿姨 工作內容主要為照顧小孩,並且煮一餐. 小孩目前6個月大, 不用陪睡. 通勤可商量.要有體檢報告. 希望阿姨煮飯不要太鹹. 有興趣的阿姨, 歡迎來信聯絡. 謝謝. ...
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